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The EPHCCEDF is dedicated to increase the recruitment and retention of our youth in higher education. The EPHCCEDF connects students to scholarships through the acquisition of grants, sponsorships and donations. Students are selected on the basis of academic achievement, community service and financial need. Socio economic difficulties are wide-spread in our community and the increasing rate of college tuition makes it difficult for students to pursue a secondary education. It is our duty to act as catalyst, to stimulate opportunity and involvement of the business community for the benefit of our youth, which will be our employers of tomorrow.


Who We Are

The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce administers the EPHCC Educational Development Foundation, whose sole purpose is to make college admission possible for talented, motivated and economically disadvantaged students in El Paso County, Texas. The EPHCCEDF has provided scholarships to students who might not otherwise be able to afford a college education. The foundation was founded on the belief that given the appropriate resources and support, the young adults and youth of El Paso, will be successful in graduating from high school and succeeding in college.

Since 1993, the EPHCC Educational Development Foundation has focused its work on providing scholarships to low- and moderate-income residents. Over the years we have provided over 300 college scholarships for hardworking and dedicated students.





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