The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce administers the EPHCC Educational Development
Foundation, whose sole purpose is to make college admission possible for talented, motivated
and economically disadvantaged students in El Paso County, Texas. The foundation is founded on the belief that given appropriate resources and support, El Paso youths and young adults
will be successful in graduating from high school and succeeding in college.

Since 1993, the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Educational Development Foundation has focused its work on providing scholarships to low- and moderate-income residents. Over the years we have provided over 300 college scholarships for low- moderate-income residents of El Paso, Texas.


The generosity of the donors and their support of the EPHCCEF scholarship program not only makes a difference to students but to our community, as scholars meet their academic goals and take place in the workforce. It is the goal of the EPHCCEF to increase the economic prosperity of our region by increasing the rate of El Pasoans attending college..

In 2012, more than 75 percent of scholarship recipients were female. The average age of
scholarship recipients was 18.0 years of age. In addition, the median income of 2012
scholarship recipients was $13,742 with household incomes ranging from $10,000 to $33,000.
This is slightly lower than the median income for El Paso as a whole ($38,259 according to the
U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Commerce) and significantly lower than the median
household income for the state of Texas ($50,920). Scholarship recipients identified a variety of
majors ranging from business to education and the sciences with the majority
attending a college or university in Texas. About 30 percent of scholarship recipients received
our healthcare scholarships and plan careers in medicine and nursing.


  • As of Census 2012 there are over 72,000 youths between the ages of 15-19 years in El Paso County.
  •  Less than one out of five adults in El Paso County has a bachelor’s degree or higher level of educational attainment.
  •  Significantly fewer El Paso residents have completed high school compared to the state of Texas as a whole. One-third of adults over age 25 failed to attain a high school diploma or GED.
  • At the end of 2012, the unemployment rate in El Paso was 8.6 percent – higher than the
    state rate. There were 26% more adults unemployed by the end of 2012 compared to
    the end of 2011 (Source: Texas Workforce Commission, January 2013).
  • One out of three families with children under age 18 years lives in poverty; among women-led households with children under age 18 this figure is much higher: 54% live in poverty.
  • Nearly 25% of the El Paso County population lives below the poverty level.
  • A startling 42% of female-headed households (U.S. Census, 2012) live in poverty.


Access to education is a proven route out of poverty, across the board. The EPHCC Educational
Development Foundation awards college scholarships to El Paso County youth and young
adults who demonstrate a willingness and commitment to advanced education, but lack
the financial resources to achieve their dream.


So that we can devote full time attention to creating college access opportunities for more El Paso residents, the EPHCC Educational Development Foundation has created, a formal infrastructure to support current operations and future growth. These changes will include creating a Scholarship Manager position and developing tools and resources (including scholarships) to help students gain access to— and succeed beyond college.

The EPHCC Educational Development Foundation is led by a 12-member Board of Directors.
The Foundation is currently managed by one staff member at the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of
Commerce. Our objectives for 2018 include developing pre-application workshops for
interested students, assisting students to obtain additional scholarships and grants as a way to
leverage Foundation funds, supporting recipients as they attend college regardless of their
location, and conducting ongoing evaluation of the impact Foundation scholarships have in
the lives of the recipients.

We are dedicated to supporting a culture of higher education. We seek to ensure that our
scholarship recipients feel a sense of connection to El Paso and will spend their post-college
days living in the area and contributing to the economic vitality through their work and their
service to the community.

With your help, we can significantly increase the number of young adults who benefit from increased access to college and create generational changes in poverty conditions among  many of the students and families we serve.

Contact us:

El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation
2401 E. Missouri Ave.
El Paso, TX 79903
Phone (915) 566-4066
Fax (915) 566-9714